Established in 1993, Biben + Bosley Architecture is a design firm with a passion for high quality architecture and planning. We believe in the power of architecture to change the lives of building users and benefit the public realm by enhancing the built environment. Our work focuses on creating well designed spaces that address the complex functional and emotional needs inherent to all projects.

We strive to create spaces that are organized in a logical format and respond to project specific programmatic needs. The careful use of natural light is a reoccurring theme in our work along with the expression of structure to meet engineering and aesthetic objectives.

We believe in the sustainability movement and work towards creating buildings that use less energy and make a smaller carbon footprint.

Whether you need to evaluate a site for potential development or retrofit an existing building, Biben + Bosley Architecture has the knowledge and experience to assist you in maximizing the value of your project through careful attention to detail and smarter design.